Project C0031 complete (11/23/2021)

Project C0031 is now complete. All bonus content has been implemented. All updated files have been uploaded.

Some of the older files (bonus content) are very large between 120 and 240MB, so I added multi-part archives to download in case you can’t finish downloading under 3 minutes (server-side limit which I can’t change). Just check the guest account directory to download those if you have problems with the original PDFs. Best use 7z for extraction.

Info relevant for larger files as present in this package: All downloads work flawlessly if completed in less than 3 minutes. In case of slower or unstable internet connection, download of larger files might be interrupted before completion which results in “corrupted” archive files. To avoid this, please make sure to download only one file at a time and always wait until a download is complete before starting the next one. In case of a temporarily unstable internet connection, just try downloading again after some time. Your downloads will stay available through your shop account.

bosArt’s ecomics (PDF format) and bundles of high quality pictures are packed into single or multi part ZIP archives. To extract the archives, you will need extracting software such as Winzip (, Winrar ( or the Freeware programs Bandizip ( or 7-Zip ( to unpack your purchase from the ZIP folder that it will arrive in. But most computers also have default software installed with which you can unzip files.

In case of a multipart archive you have to download all parts into one folder. To extract the content of all parts, right click on the main ZIP part (extension *.zip or *.001) and choose “extract here” or, if you use an integrated unzipping feature like you have in Windows Explorer it just opens up in a new window and you can extract it from there.

Please download the full aMember-protected eComic directly from your aMember account subfolder “serial eComics”.

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