VIP-Lounge Poll (CLOSED)

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Who's shoe should definitely be taken during the first hour of "Initiation Class?"
Sylvia's loose pump
Gizem's high heel
Christa's clog
Heike's platform pump
Miss Fisher's low heel
Safiye's itchy heel
Lamya's combat boot
Thomas' loafer

The public poll about “Initiation Class” brought up some favorites for upcoming thievish activities: Sylvia, Christa and Gizem. This new poll would not really be necessary, but I implemented it to check, if a VIP-Lounge exclusive poll would give different results. 

Keep in mind that the result of a VIP-Lounge poll will have significant influence on this project. 1 vote per VIP. No corrections possible.

I’ll use only this type of poll in the future if no issues pop up …

7 Replies to “VIP-Lounge Poll (CLOSED)”

  1. Gizem is quite happy with your votes so far. She’d rather do something naughty herself than end up as embarrassed victim, even more so as she definitely wouldn’t walk a single step on filthy Floor in her exquisite Nylons …

    1. I’m not into male shoe loss but it could be interesting role reversal and story to see a girl steal a guy’s shoe. Especially if the guy wants to get revenge.

      1. depends on the guy’s character, we have several options here. Thomas is of the submissive kind, still he’s in love with Gizem’s perfect feet. Quite possible that he will try something if he gets the chance …

          1. I guess Irwin would fight with claws and teeth. For an Alpha like him it would be extremely humiliating. Eli is an intellectual. Depends what he thinks he’s going to achieve by such an Action. He could use it to fire up some feuds amongst his classmates …

  2. Sounds like there is a lot of story potential there. It would be funny if no one took Irwin seriously as a Alpha and I wonder what tupe of plan Eli would have.

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