VIP-Lounge Poll #3 – Result

we have a winner: Miss Fisher πŸ™‚

It was close but in the end the third option won by just 1 vote. Sylvia and Christa will have to start Scene 3 less one shoe and Miss Fisher will definitely get into some embarrassing troubles …

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    1. I am currently working on the first Panels of “High Heel Heroine Fatima – Chapter 4”, these will be released later this week. Next on schedule will be Scene 3, so realistically you can expect a substantial update next week …

        1. Unlimited. the Concept allows to go back and add Options even when day 2 has started. it just depends on the fun we have with it …

    1. you might have noticed that the beginning of Scene 3 is allready online. I decided not to prevent you from accessing new parts while it is still WIP. so to answer your Question, there will be new content available on Friday or Maybe as soon as tomorrow, but this will not be the complete Scene. I will not officially announce it before it’s finished. But you can start peeking through some interesting keyholes on Friday πŸ˜‰

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