VIP-Lounge content (jan 2023/sticky)

Content available in the VIP-Lounge ($ 29,90 for 30 days access):

  • all content that’s available in the regular Basic Member-Area plus
  • full eComics
  • serial eComics
  • special editions & digests including extracts/adaptions of non-exclusive commissions
  • access to the VIP-lab (WIP & experimental projects like ai-assisted story-telling)

newest stories created with the help of an english-speaking ai:

  • “Ticklish Assessment Center” (2 parts so far, WIP)
  • “A Ticklish Train Ride” (complete)
  • “The Ticklish Acceptance Test” (complete)
  • “The Ticklish Chess Champion” & “Tickled to Victory: The Rematch” (complete)
  • “A Playful Rivalry: Fatima and Sarah’s Epic Fight for Supremacy” (complete)

newest ongoing serial eComics:

newest additions of full eComics and complete serial eComics:

Halloween special:

unfinished serial eComic:

completed serial ecomic:

Full stand-alone eComics available for download in the VIP-Lounge:

serial eComics and other projects available for download and/or view in VIP-Lounge and/or VIP-Lab:

serial eComics available for download and/or view in the VIP-Lounge:

eMagazines available for download in the VIP-Lounge:

anthologies and other collections of eComic-strips available for download in the VIP-Lounge:

If you are already VIP-Lounge member, you can download/access all of the above content and more right away:

2 Replies to “VIP-Lounge content (jan 2023/sticky)”

  1. What happened to the interactive projects. They were both unfinished now they’re gone.

    1. removed for now because I don’t have time to add content. and I don’t want to keep unfinished business up for ever.

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