The News-Lady and the Comedian – INTRO


The news-lady shows some secret footage to the comedian 21 years later

This is the intro of a set of hybrid video-clips, Patreon (old member-area)didn’t allow me to upload. It covers a memorable event that took place in 1997. A crazy comedian crawled under the news-desk of a well known anchor-woman while she was live on air. In this intro you’ll see a brief summary of what happened, mainly showing what happened above table but also giving you a first glimpse of what might have happened below. Also you can see the comedian and the news-lady remembering that event 21 years later, but they still refuse to reveal all details.

The intro shows you what it’s all about …

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For this intro I have arranged material freely available on the internet provided by the original producer. The full truth about this event is revealed in part 2 and 3 of this set of hybrid video-clips available in the VIP-Lounge. Attaching some previews here to give you a first impression …

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