coming soon in the VIP-Lounge (updated 6/30)

UPDATE: “Nazli’s Kinky Nightmares” is now WIP in the VIP-Lounge:

UPDATE: Those serial eComics and others will be provided when one of the paths for project “Hilariously Ticklish Entanglements” reaches a connecting point. On path 1 which is currently in progress in the VIP-Lounge we will follow Nazli and Leyla. To find Fatima in the bus will be more difficult. And there will be other options too like following Dani or Cleo.

If you own the original versions of those eComics you’ll notice slight but significant differences: new nylons for Fatima, new styling for Tiara (same as in the Blue Line Metro), altered cast for “Dani Owned” and lots of new pics, angles, twists and turns.

What actually will be available next depends on the decisions of the VIP-Lounge members. The following eComics for now are just options. They will become available if they get enough votes in related VIP-Lab polls …

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  1. Are these “What if” alternative timelines of the previous comics from which they’re based?

    1. partly yes, partly no. it’s altered when it fits better into the new project, sometimes extended, sometimes just rearranged. actually it’s all WIP because I have a lot of new ideas while the new project evolves …

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