previews of upcoming projects (updated 4/02)

If you take a close look you will be able to see which girls are about to get their shoes stolen first according to the outcome of the related poll.

These projects are based on older eComics once available at the old webshop. But all of those stories will be told differently. Lots of new scenes, new twists, new pics. And participants will be able to interact with participants featured in other stories. Various transportation vehicles for example serve as meeting point. In the morning the girls use them for getting to high school, college, work usually fully dressed. But in the evening some of them might miss a shoe or two and the other passengers will notice.

Episodes of this project will first be placed into the VIP-Lab, meaning members of the VIP-Lounge will have the opportunity to influence certain aspects of this project like the poll mentioned above.

First panels of “Hilariously Ticklish Entanglements” to be released first weekend in april …

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