Initiation Class – Female Underdogs


Of all female students in “Initiation Class” Lamya, Safiye and surprisingly Heike got the fewest votes to lose a shoe or boot during the first hour of day one. They are clearly the underdogs of the cast so far, Lamya perhaps because I forgot to add her to the poll. I altered the poll-options. You should be able to vote for 4 different girls or guys now, but I don’t know if it worked.

More special setcards of characters starring in “Initiaton Class” will be added …

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  1. Well to be honest I personally think that they’re the least attractive girls out of the cast so that might be part of the reason they didn’t get any votes. It’s not that they’re necessarily ugly but in Lamya’s case her hair makeup are a bit excessive and off putting even if she is supposed to be a punk girl. I think the only interesting thing about her character is that she’s the only girl not wearing heels. As for Safiye she’s cute but average looking compared to the other girls in the class. I’m not quite sure where the icthing powder will lead to but I find the aspect of her character that wants to overpower guys interesting for potential storylines.

    1. we have lots of options, even for less attractive girls. they might get a more fashionable outfit or more attractive makeup on day 2, or they will simply be used for other roles than primary victims. The ongoing poll will either increase or decrease chances of each character to get into the Focus. Or they might even be replaced by other characters on teachers orders on a later day …

  2. I actually wanted to vote for Lamiya as the whole idea of her being excited of being stripped of her boots was sexy. But I think I missed that. Still, seeing any of these girls lose their shoes would be awesome so I’m happy either way.

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