bosArt’s member-area (updated aug.2021/sticky)

The member-area consists of two parts working closely together. aMember protects and controls content uploaded to aMember as well as the WordPress news-blog, which will from now on serve as main Website accessible directly via

If you want to access protected content in the member-area, you have to register at aMember and purchase a lifetime basic membership. Once you are a member, you can also gain access to the VIP-Lounge/VIP-Lab, purchase a commission guest account or get access to other special interest areas.

Type of content for VIP-Lounge and basic Member-Area and other special interest areas:

Basic Member-Area (99 $ for lifetime access):

  • Concept Art
  • polaroids & other picture sets
  • tons of legacy content from the old fantomaZ website
  • enables you to purchase access to the VIP-Lounge/VIP-Lab, other special interest areas and commission guest accounts

VIP-Lounge ($ 29,90 for 30 days access):

  • all content that’s available in the regular Basic Member-Area
  • exclusive eMagazines
  • full stand alone eComics
  • serial eComics and eComic-strips
  • access to the VIP-Lab (ongoing projects in development)
  • participation in polls enables VIP-Lounge members to influence projects in progress, sometimes even determine the outcome of a serial eComic and more …

deutschsprachige Publikationen (€ 13,90 für 30 Tage)

  • deutschsprachige eComics & Polaroids

VIP-Lounge SE ($ 14,90 for 30 days access, only available for commissioners and owners of guest accounts for commissions)

If content is not directly included into the blog, you’ll find all necessary links at the bottom of the posting. You can also go to your aMember-account by clicking on “aMember Dashboard” located in the “aMember Control Panel” on top of the Right sidebar.

This blog & member-area will from now on serve as main website for, supplementing and expanding content formerly available at Just like content available at the webshop, content posted here is focusing on erotic themes of special interest like fetish-oriented tales. But never dead serious. bosArt always tries to find a more humorous approach. No pornography. All characters and events are fictional. All models, which become targets of sexually motivated actions are of fictional virtual age of 18 or older.

bosArt’s creations are meant to be a taboo-free playground for sometimes politically incorrect and often totally crazy erotic adventures from a completely different parallel universe created by Prof.Dr.Dr.Dr. liebGott bosArt for his personal amusement. If you share bosArt’s freakish humor, you are welcome to join.

I hope you like the platform. Have fun 🙂

greetings, bosArt

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