Upcoming changes

In reaction to the covid 19 crisis I intensified my efforts to increase my home-office income. From february until july I invested much more time and energy into this website, released significantly more content than before in much less time.

First this was quite successful, but from june onwards this changed. Right now I have about 30% less customers than in may.

In reaction to this I have to shift my efforts towards other projects. This means that I have no time for promotional activities which is, why I removed the event calendar and those featured pic and concept art pics from the frontpage. And sadly you will see less completely new content for a while. I will not cancel what I started but it will take more time until release or completion, which you might already have noticed.

In compensation for this I will soon reduce the price for existing VIP customers (all who have an active or expired VIP-Lounge, VIP-Lounge SE or C0031 guest account) and adjust the lenght of the period.

Same time I will significantly raise the price for new customers, because every new customer will get pretty much content by now for just one period in comparison to existing customers.

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