Interactive Point & Click Adventures

Currently accessible interactive projects are eComic-style point & click adventures that might include simple animations.

It all works through hotspots which are purposely hidden and can only be reveiled by moving your mouse-pointer across the Picture, checking where the Icon changes to “active/clickable”. But don’t click right away. It’s a good idea to take a closer look at the “mouse-over”-status which might differ from the “clicked”-status.

Usually it’s logical what to expect from a certain hotspot, for example, a hotspot covering the head or face of a character shows what the character thinks or might reveal options what the character could do next. Hotspots on other areas or body-parts might reveal certain details not visible right away. Most but not all hotspots reveal themselves when the mouse-pointer hovers over them, either a black & white part of the picture changes to colored or the character or a body-part changes it’s posture.

Keep in mind that hotspots come in a great variety in size and form. Sometimes a tiny foot in the background may lead to a close-up animation. If you are not sure if you missed something, just post it here or at bosArt’s board.

To have fun with this kind of “gamey” adventure, you just need to be curious. And don’t move your mouse too fast.

Your Progress can’t be saved, which means when you close your browser you will have to start again. This is not relevant as Long as there are just a few scenes available, but it might get annoying later on. Therefore each scene can be started by a seperate link. You will be able to jump to the last scene you played.

Be sure to post in case you want something to happen within a given scene. The more feedback I get, the more options I will implement. This kind of interactive project has endless possibilities …

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