Catastrophic Events

Last week my secondary computer ceased working. This was annoying but manageable. I disassembled that computer and added some of the better parts to my workstation. This was the quickest solution to keep all data accessible,

But the next day probably because of the current heatwave a short curcuit was caused by a desk lamp, which caused collateratal damage to some vital parts of my worstation. I was able to access the BIOS, but couldn’t get the system to start again, not even from a DVD or a flash drive. Now I had to disassemble the workstation to check out all of its parts for damage.

Worst case CPUs or graphic devices could be damaged. That would have meant R.I.P. bosArt, because even with all data secured, when not being able to render anymore, I would have had to retire because I don’t have the budget to buy a new hi-end computer.

Luckily it wasn’t the worst case, as I found out later.

Took a few days to find the culprit, which was an SSD only used for the windows system and the software. I switched this for a spare HDD, re-installed windows and it worked 🙂

Now I reassembled the secondary pc as well and got it working too. So at least the hardware is now at the same working status as before those catastrohic events. Right now I am re-installing the software, which will take a while because all my special configurations and plugins are lost on that now inaccessible SSD. But I still have all sources, so it shouldn’t be a problem to implement all of these again. It just will take some time.

I still hope that I will not have to postpone the release of the first chapter of the ongoing commission. I might publish the first chapter in parts though. All other projects, especially those using photorealistic renders will definitely be delayed. I don’t want to risk another technical setback by overstraining my system again.

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