New Ticklish Rivalries (commission C0031/special offer/overview/sticky/UPDATED 05/30)

I am working on a huge commission, which will be completed later in 2020. 784 pages (6 full chapters + 5 special addons) are done and ready for download. More than 1100 pages of bonus content are also included.

Most recent additions are chapter 6, „New Ticklish Opportunities” and Ticklish Intermezzo 06/07 “Ticklish Turn-Arounds” and a big part of the final chapter:

If you want to get access to this commission while it’s unfolding, you can purchase a life-time (meaning for as long as the website exists) guest account providing unlimited access to all uploaded PDFs of that commission for $390. For each guest account I will send 1/2 ($180 for guest accounts purchased before january 2020 and $195 for guest accounts purchased later) of the payment to the original commissioner.

Purchase of a guest account for this project is now permanently disabled.

Owners of life-time guest accounts are able to extend access to the VIP-Lounge for $ 12 instead of $ 24.

As a special bonus I just added all of the 12 previous episodes of “Ticklish Boarding School Rivalry” (commissioned version, differing from the public one which was sold at the shop, more than 800 pages, read info farther down for details) and recently the complete and uncut edition 2012 of “Nylondon Police Academy – The Competition” (365 pages), because this is in a way a prequel to the ongoing commission.

current progress:

  • Prologue: 90 pages (complete, updated to version 1.16, available for download)
  • Chapter 1: 61 pages (complete, v1.21 available for download)
  • Ticklish Intermezzo 01/02: 15 pages (complete, v1.01 available for download)
  • Chapter 2: 75 pages (complete, v1.14 available for download)
  • Ticklish Intermezzo 02/03: 21 pages (complete, v1.21 available for download)
  • Chapter 3: 102 pages (UPDATED, v1.12 available for download)
  • Chapter 4: 98 pages (UPDATED, v1.04 available for download)
  • Ticklish Intermezzo 04/05: 12 pages (complete, v1.04 available for download)
  • Chapter 05: 113 pages (complete, v1.31 available for download)
  • Chapter 06: 68 pages (complete, v1.21 available for download)
  • Ticklish Intermezzo 06/07: 18 pages (complete, v1.23 available for download)
  • Chapter 07/part 1-4: 88 pages (v1.14 available for download)
  • Chapter 07/part 5-6: WIP
  • Bonus AddOn (wishful daydreams/ticklish nightmares): 17 pages (v1.12 available for download)
  • over all page count: 767 pages + 17 special pages + 1189 bonus pages = 1991 pages
  • available slots for additional guest accounts: none

As mentioned above all previous episodes of “Ticklish Boarding School Rivalry” in the commissioned version are also available for download. The commissioned version differs in some slight but significant details from the public version which was available at the shop (bundle price 129$). Biggest difference: all makeup has been removed. But sometimes you will find extra pages not included in the public version. Episode 4 for example is extended by a several page long ticklish epilogue.

bonus episodes:

  • 12 episodes of “Ticklish Boarding School Rivalry” (824 pages)
  • “Nylondon Police Academy – The Competition” (365 pages)

In case you have already purchased a guest account for commission C0031 you can download right away …

Please access this aMember-protected content from your aMember account subfolder commissions. This subfolder is only accessible by the original commissioner and owners of guest accounts and not visible to any other customers.

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  1. Awesome work with this. I love the tickling experiment/competition. It reminds me of a tickle version of the Saw traps.

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